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Boys Receiving National Attention!

Boyhood issues are cropping up all over the national news! Listening to the NPR interview with First Lady Laura Bush, you can hear the beginning of what could be a whole new chapter in the work being done for boys.

Laura Bush's website states, "Statistics show that boys are at greater risk than girls for learning disabilities, illiteracy, dropping out of school, substance-abuse problems, violence, juvenile arrest, and early death caused by violent behavior." SOS is very excited that Mrs. Bush is bringing national attention to the ways that programs like BATT can make a huge difference in the life of boys across our communities.

Check out these articles and start keeping your eyes open for more good news! If you have not yet become a member, sign up to be a member of SOS today, so that you can be a part of these dynamic new steps in Supporting Our Sons.

Laura Bush: Putting Boys in the Spotlight from NPR

"We Need To Pay More Attention To Boys" from Parade Magazine

Bridging the gap between home and school for boys
Boys Advocacy Training for Teachers Boys Advocacy Workshop for Parents
Learn more! Learn more!

10 Things You Can Do to Support Your Sons
Here are ten things that you can do to support your son or any boy in your life! Read more...

SOS Recommends: Books for Boys
SOS recommends books for boys to our website. Purchase books for your boys through SOS that help them get excited about reading. You are also helping make the world a better place for boys, as a percentage of the purchase price helps fund programs at SOS.

How SOS is Also Supporting our Daughters
While Supporting Our Sons is working to help boys achieve their full potential, we are also sensitive to the struggles for girls’ empowerment that are still going on today. SOS believes that girls will not reach their full potential until boys are supported and allowed to reach their full potential as well. SOS’s work is not in contradiction to the struggle for girls, but complementary to it. Read more...

My 10-year-old son has recently begun spending a lot of time with a girl in his class. I don’t think that it is appropriate for him to begin dating someone at his age. He says that they are just friends, but I am still concerned.
Dr. William Pollack says: One of today’s best-kept secrets is that many adolescent boys and girls are great friends –- deeply yet nonromantically involved with one another. In my interviews with boys, I have found that almost all of them report having girls as friends -- important and special friends in their social network. Read more...

Breaking the Boy Code
The SF Chronicle writes about Supporting our Sons and how we are working to break the 'Boy Code.'

Hand in Hand: Social-Emotional Learning
from Education Week
(Note: free registration required to view this article)

The New Gender Gap
from Business Week
Bay Area Group Sends Out SOS to Help Young Boys
from Bay Area Parent
School draws out lonely kids by fostering friendships
Importance of Father Love for Child Well-Being
from The Fatherhood Initiative
Boys should start kindergarten a year later than girls, report advises
from National Post
Research: Boys to Men
from Education Week
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Due to the high demand from the education community, we plan to continue offering at least one teacher workshop a year. This workshop will not take place unless we are able to raise the necessary $50,000 to cover direct expenses

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